Welcome to pydiogmentโ€™s documentation!#


Pydiogment (python audio augmentation) aims to simplify audio augmentation. It generates multiple audio files based on a starting mono audio file. The library can generates files with higher speed, slower, and different tones etc.


pydiogment is built using Python3 and it requires the following:

  • Python packages:

  • NumPy (>= 1.17.2) : pip install numpy

  • SciPy (>= 1.3.1) : pip install scipy

Or you can simply use the requirements file in pip install -r requirements.txt

  • Pydiogment also requires FFmpeg, which you can install using: sudo apt install ffmpeg


If you already have a working installation of numpy and scipy, you can simply install pydiogment using pip:

pip install pydiogment

To update an exisiting pydiogment version use:

pip install -U pydiogment




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