spafe aims to simplify features extractions from mono audio files. The library can extract of the following features: BFCC, LFCC, LPC, LPCC, MFCC, IMFCC, MSRCC, NGCC, PNCC, PSRCC, PLP, RPLP, Frequency-stats etc. It also provides various filterbank modules (Mel, Bark and Gammatone filterbanks) and other spectral statistics.


Pydiogment aims to simplify audio augmentation. It generates multiple audio files based on a starting mono audio file. The library can generates files with higher speed, slower, and different tones etc.


CoinMarketCap Scraper

a lightweight python scraper to get/scrape historical data from the CoinMarketCap website and convert it into a csv file.

Chmod converter

A converter between octal/numeric and symbolic chmod modes.

Dataset collections#

Spoken Emotion Datasets

A collection of datasets for the purpose of emotion recognition/detection in speech.

BTC performace change visualization

A custom visualization of Bitcoins performance over the last 10 years.



Just a small old school snake game. With pause feature using space and Restart using Enter and a nice score display.