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Authenticated encryption

With growing dependency on information technology and more at stake, the security aspect has become more vital than ever. Within this context acts authenticated encryption(AE) as a shared-key based transform whose goal is to provide secrecy, Integrity and authenticity of the encapsulated data [MB07]. AE combines traditional Symmetric Encryption (SE) with a Message Authentication Code (MAC) in different orders [CNS14]. This article introduces the different combinations of authenticated encryption and their applications.

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Cryptography overview

Cryptography is mostly associated with the development and creation of mathematical algorithms, which are used to insure various security aspects See [Tam06][Oak18]. It is the cornerstone of modern communications security and is based on various mathematical concepts and theories such as: number theory, computational complexity theory and probability theory [Kes17]. The following post provides a quick overview of various cryptography concepts such as encryption, decryption and hashing.

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