Gui-port scanner

03 June, 2018

After reading some Stackoverflow questions, I got interested in ports scanning. So after some coding, I ended up developing a gui- port scanner using python3 and the tkinter library. The code simply iterates through a range of ports targeting a specified IP, tries to establish a socket connection and returns whether the port is open or not. The project can be found under the following link: Port_scanner


30 October, 2017

I recently finished working on a small project that I called Cryptos. Cryptos is a small gui encryption and hashing tool built with python 3. The GUI is based on the tkinter library and includes various menu-bar functionalities. The data encryption & decryption is done using AES-128 (Advanced Encryption Standard), whereas the hashing is generated using the SHA-256 (Secure Hash Algorithm). The project can be found under the following link: Cryptos

Ludwigskollg Website

30 January, 2015

As I lived in the Ludwigkolleg dorm, I was invested in its small community, with whom I shared a lot of great memories and took part on various common activities such as football games, movie nights, and parties. On top of all, I was also responsible for designing the current dorm webpage. As an admin I had joy in designing the webpage layout, refine its context and include the needed wordpress modules and widgets. The outcome of my work can be seen under: